Deepika, a sucker for love stories

Although Deepika has made a promise to stay away from the press, she still manages one way or another to get in the headlines. Nothing else could be expected from one of the hottest stars in Bollywood!

This time, however, it is only related to her work. Deepika has recently confessed what a dream role looks like for her. Deepika Padukone, who started out her career in Bollywood in the film “Om Shanti Om”, by Farah Khan, now says that she would love to play the part of Kajol in the film “Dil Waale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”, a Yash Raj production. Apparently, the actress did not express this wish of her only once, but several times on different occasions. The actress says that she loves the intensive love story, coming with a variety of senses and flavors.

Deepika is attracted by the intense chemistry which this kind of romantic comedies expresses, as their love which forces them to elope and they are later caught. Hopefully, we will see Deepika give her best in such a film.

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