Deepika can’t handle shootings anymore?

Mumbai: After playing in many films, Deepika Padukone is still learning many things about the process, and she is still experiencing new things with each film she plays in. She is now playing in a new film directed by Prakesh Jha, and the location of the shootings is the city Bhopal, a completely new setting and a bit tight up for Deepika.

During a shooting in a college in Bhopal, Deepika almost suffered a nervous breakdown. The reason is the shootings for the film, entitled “Aarakshan”. Deepika found herself in a new setting, everything seems strange for her, and the fact that she is working with Jha is not helping. His style is different that of any other director she has worked with before, and Deepika is feeling overwhelmed.

A huge crowd was the trigger Deepika needed for the nervous breakdown to begin. The shooting was occurring in the backyard of the college, and several students came in. However, a huge crowd gathered in a couple of hours.

Deepika only relaxed when Saif joined her, and by the end of the day, she was even talking to the students.

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