Deepika doesn’t like braids

Even thought the Bollywood super star Deepika Padukone had to wear two braids in the film ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’, in the everyday life, the beautiful actress has stated that she would rather to not have them. In a recent interview she made a few comments regarding this manner f doing ones hair.

She said that even when she was just a little girl, she did not like at all the idea to tie up her hair in two ponytails. Even thought she does not appreciates at all the two braids style, the beautiful Bollywood actress mentioned that she likes from time to time to tie her hair in a single braid.

Furthermore the 24 year Bollywood star said that even though she works in the tough industry of movies, she does not feel any pressure to be elegant regardless of the occasion. The sexy actress added that she enjoys dressing up in something that fits her personality, and does not like to follow the trends without adapting them to her.

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