Deepika Padukone’s new look for Rana

New Delhi: Deepika Padukone, the fabulous Bollywood actress, has just revealed her newest look, which she has adopted for the highly awaited film “Rana”. Deepika has appeared in a traditional Tamil dress, “Pavadai Dhavani”, which is basically a half saree. The actress looked absolutely remarkable in this elegant dress, with the highly decked jewelry and traditional attire to go along.

We have spotted the actress with her new look at the launch of “Rana”, starring Rajini. The multicolored “Pavadai Ddhavani”, with zari borders, looked fabulous on the actress, giving her a sophisticated and chic allure. It is quite a difference from the modern attires Deepika was usually wearing in her films, and we must say this change suits her. Though it was a simple look, the ethnic outfit brought out her natural beauty.

Generally, the outfits Deepika was wearing in her flicks were made subjects of gossip and reached the headlines quite often. It has been heard that the actress had quite a tough time shooting for “Rana”, as Rajini was not impressed by her look.

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