Deepika receives weird gifts from fans

New Delhi: Deepika Padukone is receiving some very unusual presents from her fans these days. It all started after the item number came out. “Dum Maro Dum” was a real hit, and Deepika looked smashing in it. Early in the morning, Deepika woke up to see that there have been several presents to her house.

Admirers from all over the country have sent her not just one, but nine skirts, in different colors and sizes. This is a first, and came as a surprise for the actress. She has received gifts before, but usually chocolates, soft toys and greeting cards. This time, Deepika received skirts.

A reliable source stated that Deepika always takes her time after her shootings, sits down and reads each letter that she receives from her fans. Receiving presents is not an unusual thing, but she never before got a skirt, and now she suddenly received nine, all in the same day.

After a while, Deepika realized that the reason for this new sort of present is the item number “Dum Maro Dum”.

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