Deepika refuses to dance for Rs 4 crore

Mumbai: The Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone received a very tempting offer. All she had to do was dance at a wealthy Punjabi London family, on her item number, “Dum Maro Dum”. However, the actress turned down this generous offer. The location of her performance was supposed to be a nightclub, and the payment rose to Rs. 4 crore for that one dance, but Deepika was not at all interested. Only a couple of close friends and the family were expected at this lavishing private party.

A close source reveals that Deepika was asked to perform in her skimpy shorts, since the actress was flaunting a sexy look in the item song. The DMD song is being played in night clubs in London.

When the actress first heard about this, she thought of it as a joke, but then things got serious and she received the proposal in the form of a letter. Then she realized it was a serious offer, and she was simply shocked. The family who made the offer are now extremely disappointed, especially since they had already booked the club and designed the stage.