Dia Mirza Wears Director’s Hat

Creativity can make you do many things and that is one of the reasons why actors today who could not make their impact as actors in the movies are now turning to different fields. There are many actors who are now turning into directors, producers and even into TV serials and Dia Mirza is the latest on the block that is now ready to wear the director’s hat. Dia Mirza tried her best in movies like Deewaanapan and Dus but although she looks charming and innocent she failed to make her mark as actress that can give some solid performance. 

However, that does not pull down her confidence and she is now all set to make a romantic drama for her production house. The movie will be shot next year because probably Dia is working on the script at the moment. Dia is recently seen in Love Breakups Zindagi which she actually co-directed with her friend Sahil Sangha. She wanted to make sure that she will be able to handle the job of a director. However, now that the movie is made and about to release she is confident that she can handle the director’s role without any problems.

She will also be producing the movie herself along with her best friend and co-producer Zayed Khan. Sahil Sangha will also be a part of that movie so it will be three together working on that movie but it will be Dia’s directorial debut. It also feels like that Dia will be acting in the movie because she has said that she might work in the movie as well, but she has not confirmed about her role yet. It looks like that Dia is now trying her creativity in different ways to come up in the industry rather than just being an actress whom audiences love just for the sake of her innocence and beauty.

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