Emma Watsons stands up against Warner Bros

Life is about fighting for what we want or believe in, this is just the 21 year old Emma Watson recently did.


The Harry Potter star included this information about her in the July issue of Vogue magazine.  Her decision to go to school back in 2009 was not as smooth sailing like any normal kid of her age who wants to go to college since she is working with the top film making company.


She said that over the last 10 years, her battle with wanting to go to normal school was really hard to the point of not getting the education almost everyone is seeking.  It is an uphill struggle for her, adding that at one point, she become the company’s pain in the butt since she made life difficult for the staff of Warner Bros. This is because her schedule was conflict with the shooting of their last two films of Harry Potter.


She proved that she could stand her round by announcing that she won’t be signing another contract with the same company that have honed her skill and made a name for her.   Unless they are willing to reschedule the movie to her own schedule, however things were not as she expected and she ends up abiding the company.


When her classes started, she felt like a normal student who was doing normal things like finishing school projects on time, partying with fellow students, attending parties after parties with no care in the world and at some point is wearing flip flop with any dress that she chooses.   The only thing that would separate her from others is that she still needs to go on shooting scenes for the next Harry potter films, which leaves her tired after all day, a tight schedule that left her very tired during the final exams.


She eventually ends up giving up her dreams of having a normal student life just like a normal kid of her age.  However, she doesn’t regret standing up against the million dollar movie company Warner Bros. so that he could fulfill her dream of having a good education.


She added that she doesn’t want fear to stop her from doing anything that she would want.  The important thing is that she manages to do it even though giving it up in the end.


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