Esha Deol under the knife

After what seemed a decade long hibernation Esha Deol finally seems to be all set to make her presence felt in Bollywood. And she doesn’t just come back the way she was. Rather it is a completely new Esha that you are going to encounter.

Rumours are looming at large that the actress was not only at rehab for the last few months but has also gone under the knife to enhance her physical appearance. One look at her lips and you will know that these fuller lips were the only things missing when you saw Esha Deol last. Not that she left much of a mark by her acting it seems now she’s set her mind on capturing attention by deceptive looks.

Esha however these days is quite excited about her mother Hema Malini’s much awaited film ‘Tell Me O Kkhuda’ and refuses to comment on this matter. All she had to say was, “These days I’ve become thick-skinned when it comes to gossip.” She went ahead claiming boldly that. “I’m not answerable to anybody except my parents. They know I wasn’t in rehab or wasn’t getting some surgery done when I was up to when I was abroad, so why should I bother about these rumours at all”

While discussing along similar lines when the star daughter was asked why Bollywood is so hesitant in admitting that they went under the knife all she said was that the celebs here will get used to that trend too. And what of her? Esha with a wide grin on her face admitted that she wouldn’t mind that when she was old and really needed it. It is a good thing to get rid of a wrinkle here and there she said.  She also claims that she’ll be very forthcoming towards it. Working in the beauty industry requires good looks and thus there is nothing wrong in going under the knife if it enhances your physical beauty.

Wonder why then Esha was so hesitant in commenting on her own fuller lips. No smoke without fire goes the saying and it seems just apt over here. Let’s see for ourselves how soon the actress becomes forthcoming enough to admit having gone under the knife.

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