Freida Pinto Gets Second Time Lucky

The local girl of Mumbai has been lucky for the second time as her Rise of the Planet of Apes have been a runaway blockbuster hit all over the globe. This is the second major hit for Mumbai-raised Freida Pinto who made her appearance in the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire with Dev Patel. Although, Slumdog Millionaire received mixed reactions from Bollywood fraternity and from the people, she definitely made her mark internationally, as she was soon signed up by many international movie directors. freida pinto planet of apes

Freida did You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Miral both in 2010 but it did not give her the kind of success she was looking for. However, in her fourth movie she got the response that she was looking for as this big budget film is definitely making waves all over the globe. However, there have been many critics that have claimed that Freida only looks like a beautiful girlfriend who is with this pleasant vet (James Franco) all the time and doing nothing but just watching the destruction like mere audience. Many critics have also said that although the film is pretty impressive and the performance by James Franco is impressive, but Freida makes no impression at all.

However, no matter what the critics have to say for her Rise of the Planet of Apes is a massive hit in the United States and had an opening of $54 million in the first week. Many movie experts feel that the movie will have a sequel and directors might keep her to reprise her role. Many New York movie experts say that Freida Pinto was not impressive in the movie and directors will notice that and she will have to fight hard to secure her role if there is a sequel happening in the near future. However, Freida is at the moment busy with promotion about her latest movie and even upcoming movie Immortals which will be released in November.

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