Freida Pinto in Miral

Mumbai: There is no secret to anyone that the actress from the smashing hit called Slumdog Millionaire, none other than Freida Pinto is much appreciated worldwide. Still, what many of you do not know is the fact that the actress was very much afraid that her career will end after the film that made her famous.

As many of you may know, the well liked actress started as a model and after went on to be an actress. Her debut was an international one, which as you already know, got eight Oscars in the year of 2009. In a recent interview, the super star actress Freida Pinto stated that during her career she had more than one moment in which she believed that nothing good will happen after the movie Slumdog Millionaire. The 26 years old actress Freida Pinto even said that she used to live in fear because of that.

However, that did not happen, as the actress Freida Pinto is currently very much appreciated for her performance in Schnabel’s ‘Miral’.

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