Freida Pinto preferred over Ash

Mumbai: Unexpected and unwanted news for the beautiful actress Aishwaria Rai has surfaced. It seems that the Bollywood super star is no longer wanted by the L’Oreal Company to promote their products in India. The rumors are that Ash has been replaced by Freida Pinto as the Indian face of the international firm.

The end of this time in the advertisement world has finally arrived for the ex Miss World, who also happens to be one of the most popular celebrities in the Bollywood film industry. The newest face of the company is question is Freida Pinto who already featured in a TV ad for the New Year.

Aishwaria Rai has been the face of the cosmetic giant since the year 2005. Freida Pinto, the super star from the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has been representing the L’Oreal Company only for a short time, since 2009.

Aishwaria Rai has not made any comment on this. The actresses’ spokesperson has stated that they don’t have an official comment, as they have to find out first what happened.

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