Genelia Bags Rock The Shaadi

Believe it or not but most of the directors and producers today are very particular about how they are going to cast their actors in the movie. Most producers today want to make sure that they don’t end up spending too much on the movie and if they are spending more they should get maximum returns on it. Ekta Kapoor is known for breaking the trends in different ways and therefore she has decided that she should approach the audience to decide which pair they would like to see on screen. 

Ekta Kapoor’s home production Rock The Shaadi is going to change the way producers and directors look out for casting actors because for the first time the production house has approached audiences to decide which pair they should bring together. They did a major research in eight different cities with sample size of 600 audiences to find out which female actress they would like to see with Abhay Deol and majority of them claimed that Genelia D’souza would be the best option. Hence, Ekta Kapoor has rope in Genelia for Rock The Shaadi against Abhay Deol.

As per the research, Katrina was the second choice against Abhay but most people claimed that Genelia would go well with Abhay Deol. Balaji Motion Pictures team said that they did thorough brainstorming session before they took the decision to ensure that they make the right choice in the future. They said that the decision was practical and not based on gut feeling or any bias decisions. Another senior employee at Balaji Motion Pictures said that this would be for the first time that people would become a part of casting for the movie and they will enjoy it because at the end of the day they are paying for the tickets, so they would see what they want to see on screen.

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