Genelia D’Souza in Femina Mag

Mumbai: The lovely Genelia D’Souza has managed to keep herself quite busy these past few days. Apparently she is preparing to appear on the cover of the glam magazine called Femina, as the actress is on the verge of the promotion tour for her B-town film alongside super star John Abraham.

In a recent interview the actress wanted to say that her role in this new flick is in fact a real riot. Talking about her character in the movie, Genelia said that “She hasn’t changed drastically but she is younger and spunkier. You can’t mess with her! [Director] Nishi promised me that I’d fall in love with the character in the movie, and I did, instantly.”

Genelia also wanted to add that this film will please the fans of romantic comedies and of thrillers as well. This new Bollywood project is apparently full with love and action as well. We cannot help thinking that the actress does everything she can to not be left behind, considering she stars alongside John Abraham.

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