Genelia D’Souza wants more money

The Bollywood actress Genalia D’Souza has a rather positive manner of understanding the perfect way to make lots of money, while she still got it. It appears that she is very determined to make as much as she possibly can in this unclear movie industry. As sources reveal, the actress Genelia demanded quite a large sum of money for doing some extra days of work.

She was on the shooting of her film ‘South Flick Orange’ alongside the Bollywood actor Ram Charan Tej when he demanded that enormous sum. It seems that the filming for the picture was indeed over, but the director noticed that the film really needed some additional shots. That is way the producers asked Genelia to stay for a few more days in order to shot the scenes needed.

The actress Genelia D’Souza accepted but with one condition, that she would get a huge sum for these extra days of filming. With all of these efforts, the picture did not managed to have a success at the box office.

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