Guess who’s the world’s most searched celebrity on mobile videos?

The most searched celebrity in mobile videos! Sounds impressive huh! Doesn’t happen in a single day but one of the queens of Bollywood have made it there with her determined efforts and hard work. Winning the hearts of millions over the globe Katrina Kaif has indeed become the most searched celebrity on mobile videos. She surpassed international pop star Britney Spears by a large margin who ended up being second on the spot.

These findings are from latest insight reports for the month of September by Vuclip. The source of this information is an independent mobile video service provider and so can consider the results quite unbiased.

Other celebrities amongst the top ten searched people from India include Kareena Kapoor (at number 4) and Sonakshi Sinha (at number 6). International stars like Lindsay Lohanand and Shakira are others in the top 10 list.

In India it was found out that Sachin Tendulkar was the most searched male celebrity in mobile videos across our country. Talking of most popular video clips in India the last month say Ajay Devgan’s joke on actress Kangna Ranaut’s bikini clad shoot in ‘Raskals’ and actress Vidya Balan’s gossip clips on ‘The Dirty Picture’ amongst others.

Another interesting video was Baba Ramdev’s reply to Gossip Queen Rakhi Sawant’s wedding proposal. This video too made it to the top 5 most watched mobile videos in September.

In the gadgets used to watch these videos Apple’s iPhone is still leading the charts closely followed by Reliance India Mobile powered Blackberries and Nokia handsets. The blackberry scored seven out of ten spots in the top 10 gadgets used to watch mobile videos.

Congratulations to Katrina on her achievement and to the others for making it there for one or the other reason.

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