Happy anniversary for Shilpa and Raj

Just yesterday, the lovely actress Shilpa Shetty spent a wonderful day, celebrating her wedding anniversary, together with her husband, of course. The celebration took place in the new apartment Shilpa and her husband, Raj Kundra, have recently purchased. The luxurious combo is on the 19th floor in Burj Khalifa, officially the tallest building in the world.

The apartment was a gift for Shilpa, from hubby Raj, and a source close to the actress said she was very thrilled when she first saw it. Raj remembered that Shilpa loved the building when they were in Dubai a few months back, and bought the apartment for their wedding anniversary.

Their celebration lasted for three days, like in fairy tales. They took the time off work specially to enjoy the time spent together and their new home. Apart from the apartment, Raj also planned several surprises, culminating with a lavishing dinner.

Shilpa should enjoy it while she can. Immediately after this, she is expected in Bangkok, where she will be shooting an ad for a shampoo.

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