Happy Birthday, Deepika!

London: As a very special Bollywood actress is about to celebrate her 25th birthday, special arrangements are to be made. This is what Siddharth Mallya, the boyfriend of the actress in cause, believes. He and Deepika Padukone, the soon to be celebrated actress, will be taking a long and well deserving trip to Copenhagen. The city was not accidentally picked out, as it is the birthplace of Deepika.

There are not many people who know that Deepika was born in Denmark, and moved to India with her parents just 11 months after her birth. Siddharth is not the only one to who will accompany the actress to her memorable trip. Her father, Prakash Padukone, will come with the two.

Part of the plan is visiting the hospital where Deepika was born, the house where she stayed for the first months of her life, and bond with old friends of her family which still live in Copenhagen.

Deepika is planning her trip from London, where she celebrated Christmas and New Year, with darling Sid, naturally.

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