Hema Malini considers directing Dharmendra a tough job for herself

The star couple of the past Hema Malini and Dharmendra have not disappointed fans in delivering hit after hits in the past.  Indian cinema will always remember the couple for the amazing on-screen chemistry they shared. However actress Hema Malini feels directing Dharmendra in her films was one of the toughest jobs ever.

The actress now 63 years by age is directing a new flick ‘Tell Me O Khuda’. The star cast of the movie includes Dharmendra and Hema says it is quite difficult to put cinematic reigns on an actor who gets highly involved in his role. According to her Dharmendra gets into the skin of the character and thus it becomes increasingly difficult to direct him with ease.

“I have stalwarts like Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna and Farooq Sheikh in my film but directing Dharmendra was a challenge for me. Before giving the shot he used to ask so many questions that I had to prepare myself beforehand. He is an involved actor and sometimes his involvement in the scene is so tremendous that you can’t even call off the shots,” Hema commented.

The actress has successfully given Dharam paji a new avatar in the movie. He plays a Goan don dressed in black tuxedos. Sideburns and tattoos add to the character of the actor.

“He is playing a Goan don who is extremely sophisticated in his appeal. For the first time he has experimented with his looks. Else you would always see him mostly in his khaki shirts. Esha is behind his look for the film and people are already paying compliments,” says Hema when spoken to in the capital recently. She seemed to be there to promote the release of her film on the 27th of October, which is just a day after SRK releases his dream project, the mammoth ‘Ra.One’.

The movie will also act as a re-launching pad for struggling daughter Esha. The actress though has been there for quite some time in the industry still seems to lack her first success story.

Do not expect an item number in the flick though. Hema doesn’t believe in the concept of introducing a dance number to promote her film. It’s merely commercial marketing strategy these days but real film making is way beyond that. So if you were expecting to watch Esha in an item number well you had better forget it.

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