Indira Krishnan, the mother of Ranbir Kapoor

Mumbai: Krishnaben is one of the most loved characters in India of all times, being a strong, compassionate and selfless mother. The character is portrayed by Indira Krishnan, who now hopes to play a role in a Bollywood production, as the mother of the character played by Ranbir Kapoor.

Indira speaks of her wish, and explains why she wants to play next to Ranbir Kapoor. She believes that the actors today have a great deal of talent and she was very impressed with the actor and his work so far. Indira admired Ranbir in “Raajneeti”, and thinks that the actor is getting better and better with each film.

The actress also speaks of her role and her career, stating that she has started to work at a very young age. She never like the roles of negative mothers, but thinks it will be interesting to play the part of ma to Ranbir Kapoor.

Hopefully it will work out great for the actress, and the film will get a green light. We can’t wait to see the two together, as mother and son.

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