Jacqueline Against Horse Carriages

Celebrities know how to keep themselves in the news and that is how they improve their promotional value in the market. Jacqueline Fernandez has remained in the news for many days now after she received good response for her Murder 2 performance. However, that has not stopped her from making more news. She recently did an advertisement for PETA where she clearly indicated that she is against horse carriages that horses have to pull for the entertainment of the people. Now this could be a good thing for the horses but it is definitely going to annoy some people who earn their living on horse carriages. 

In her latest photoshoot for PETA ad Jacqueline Fernandez is posing in bikini and patting a dark horse on the beach and where the ad clearly says to Boycott horse drawn carriages. The ad was shot by ace photographer Anushka Menon and PETA is trying to bring out this ad after one of the horses collapsed in an incident when the horse was forced to pull eight people sitting in the horse drawn carriage. The incident took place near Gateway of India where foreigners and even Indians love to take these rides for their enjoyment.

PETA has been working with BMC and Mumbai High Court to ban horse drawn carriages in Mumbai because most of these carriages do not have license and that they force horses to drag and pull more weight without giving them proper meals and nutrition that is required. Talking about the ad, Jacqueline Fernandez said that she herself have seen many such incidents and she feels that horses do not belong on streets and they certainly don’t deserve to pull carriages beyond the point of exhaustion. Currently, Hema Malini, John Abraham and Lea Michele have joined this campaign with PETA.

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