Jacqueline Bags Krrish 2

Superhero films are soon becoming common in India and that is mainly because the kids like such movies and usually superhero movies have a good collection at the box office. Rakesh Roshan was among the first directors that came up with an innovative story of alien befriending human beings and it was with Koi Mil Gaya that Hritik Roshan became the most favorite Bollywood actor for the kids. However, soon after that Rakesh Roshan decided to make the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya but without Jadoo but it gave superhero powers to Hritik Roshan in Krrish. Jacqueline-Fernandez

Although, Krrish did not receive the same kind of box office response as Koi Mil Gaya did, but Rakesh Roshan did announced that he will be making Krrish 2. For many years, the concept of Krrish 2 was unheard of but finally Rakesh Roshan has come into news. The Roshans had earlier signed Chitrangda Singh in the movie but now she has decided to opt out of the movie citing date problems. To replace her, Rakesh Roshan has offered the role to the Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez who has confirmed that she will be the female lead in the film now.

Krrish 2 has been delayed because of various technical and date problems and insiders says that the delay is the reason behind the opt out of Chitrangda. As per the insiders the delay in the project was causing problems to Chitrangda and also the role that was offered to her was not meaty which would make her feel like a showpiece in the movie. Jacqueline Fernandez has said that she is ready to do the film because she has the dates available and the shooting will now begin in December. The Murder 2 girl is now in Krrish 2 so looks like Jacqueline is quickly getting all sequel movies for her dare bare act.

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