Jacqueline – Ready to be a fool for Housefull 2

Mumbai: It seems that starting this June, the lovely Bollywood Jacqueline Fernandez is all set to travel to Europe in order to do a shoot for the movie production Housefull 2, sequel to Sajid Khan’s movie production Housefull. We have to say that everyone really expects that this movie production to be just as of a laughing affair like the first one.

Not to mention that Jacqueline is also expected to be a new world altogether, as she will be arriving fresh after having performed in the popular erotic thriller called Murder 2. According to our source Things have started looking good for Jackie and she is now raring to go,” says a friend of Jackie, “She started off with feel good films like Aladin and Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai but they were more experimental in appeal with surreal elements to them. While ALADIN was based on a folk tale, Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai had her play an alien who arrived from a different world.”

There is no surprise to anyone that a movie like Housefull 2 arrives like a shot in the arm of the actress, as the brand of comedy that Sajid Khan follows in his projects are part of a different style altogether and therefore no actor is expected to take themselves too much seriously.

When asked to comment on this subject, the beautiful Bollywood actress said that “I trust Sajid to make the film funny and good as I can expect the height of comedy from him. Though I obviously can’t talk much about my character, I can tell you that it has a caricature appeal to it. I don’t mind it even as it requires me to make a fool of myself on screen.” Let’s hope that this film is exactly what Jackie expects it to be.

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