Jiah Khan Shoots for PETA

What do Bollywood actors do when they are not tied up with many assignments at one time? Well, they usually do some other things that can ultimately bring them some kind of limelight like visiting weddings and parties which can bring them up on the Page 3 cover or create some sensational story or gossip that can make them the focus of the town. However, Jiah Khan has decided to do something different and still gather some hot news. This time she is being shooting for PETA ad which talks about banning the zoos. JiahKhan PETA

Crouched inside the cage Jiah looks perfect in the leopard print bodysuit and her makeup makes her feel like wild female leopard that is ready to pounce on the people who don’t know how to respect the wild animals. The ad reads – Wild Animals Belong in the Wild. Boycott Zoos. PETA has recently come up with the idea that wild animals should not be kept in the zoos caged inside an iron cage because animals suffer a lot when they are kept in confinement. They have been working on this recently and therefore they decided to shoot a nice picture for it. Finally, they decided to go for Jiah Khan that would suit the advertisement.

The ad was shot in London by ace photographer Karl Grant who also believes that the true potential of the animal is lost when they are kept under certain strict environment. Hence, wild animals should always be set free so that they can live in their natural environment. Talking about the advertisement Jiah said that animals are given no choice and therefore she feel responsible for bringing something better to the life of the animals. She added that freedom applies to all and therefore wild animals too have the right to freedom. This is the second time that Jiah Khan is posing for the PETA ad.

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