Kajol at the peak of her career

Mumbai: Kajol is very happy right now, as she has been honored with Padma Shri. The actress has made it amongst this year’s recipients for the fourth highest civilization award in India. Kajol is flying high and could not be any happier.

Kajol stated for the press recently that it is a true honor for her, and a great pleasure to be selected by the Padma Shri, and she sends out a warm “Thank You!” to all those who have supported her in her career, and to all those who thought she was worthy of the award.

The actress is more than content with the way that things are evolving for her, especially since the new year started. Kajol begun to talk about her start in the world of cinema, when she was just 17, with the film “Bekhudi”, but she came to know real success only with her second film, “Baazigar”.

She is not saying enough though, and her career continues. At 35 years old, the actress still has the best part of her career ahead of her.

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