Kajol got Padma Shri Award

Mumbai: The very well liked Bollywood actress is as many may know one of the best actresses in the film industry of B-town. Still she has declared to be very surprised for having received the popular Padma Shri award this year. The actress also said that she is more than happy to have been given this great honor.

Sources say that the actress is so content about her latest achievement that this thing has also brought a lot of content in her home as well. Ever since the moment she made her debut in the fascinating film industry of tinsel town, the actress Kajol had managed to be one of the most loved and well liked celebrities, with a large number of fans all over India.

The lovely and adorable wife of actor Ajay Devgn and also the mother of two, has always been in the attention of the classes as well as the masses of the country, therefore it is no wonder that she made it so far in her Bollywood career.

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