Kangana does not take second place

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan is getting ready to start a new project, a sequel for “Krrish”, and his choice for the second lead role in the film was actress Kangana Ranaut. However, she does not accept being second lead, and has thus declined the offer.

Kangana has played some good roles in her career so far, and some of her films were hits. Therefore, she thinks she is too good to be in second or supporting roles, and only takes up a film if she is the first in the spotlight.

“Krrish 2” will be starring Priyanka Chopra next to Hrithik Roshan, as lead actress, and Kangana felt insulted about playing second lead after Priyanka. It is important for the actress to get strong lead roles, which will be remembered by her fans. According to a friend, she is not in it just for fun songs and glamour, she wants something different and original.

The filmmaker Rakesh Roshan denied making any offers to Kangana, saying that they wanted Priyanka from the beginning.

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