Kangana Ranaut can’t leave NY

The Bollywood celebrity can be found these days in the exciting city of New York. However things are not that great for her, as she cannot leave the city due to the weather. The snow has blocked all airports in the city and now can leave it by air.

Not only the airports had to suffer due to the snow, but also the filming crew had to stop the shooting of the film. The scene which the actress was schedule to film in Manhattan had to be postponed because of the 20 inch deep snow. It is obvious that the director was furious that he had to delay the shooting.

But on the other side, actress Kangana Ranaut was happy to see the snow as she really missed I the last years. This weather brings her memories of Manali but at the same time she is also a bit concerned that she will spend some additional time in New York, when she has to get to Scotland for some important business.

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