Kangana Ranaut in Game

Mumbai: Although Ash Rai was supposed to play the leading role in the movie game, she was not able to do this as she was far too busy. Therefore the producers of the film have turned to another Bollywood actress to replace her, and that actress is none other than Kangana Ranaut. She will be starring opposite Abhishek Bachchan in the movie project directed by Abhinav Deo.

Even though the director had in mind Ash, it seems that Kangana was the next choice of Deo to cast her in the leading role in Game. We were able to find out that the other major role was casted to actress Sarah Jane Dias, who will be playing the part of a mystifying woman in the flick. The director admitted that casting the two major roles in the film was indeed a difficult task, still he is more than confident that he made the right call. We are very eager to see Kangana Ranaut in the role of a path breaking detective.

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