Kangana Ranaut is happy to be in her own space

 Actress Kangana Ranaut have achieved success in tinsel town inspite of cut throat competition. Kangana have also achieved success professionally. The actress who is known for her role in Gangster have now made a place in the film industry after six years.

Kangana was recently in Dubai for a cricket tournament. Kangana is the official brand ambassador of Sohail Khan’s team Mumbai Heroes. During her stay in Dubai, Kananga let her heart out to media regarding the industry.

When the media persons asked her that whether being a brand ambassador for Sohail Khan’s team meant having close links to Salman Khan she denied such rumors. Meanwhile, tinsel town is already buzzing with rumors regarding the kind of relationship that she shares with Salman.

Kangana also cleared the air that she just not need any camps to get work in Mumbai as has already made  name for herself in the industry. Kangana also added that she s not insecure as a person who uses the   Khan’s names to get work. Kangana also believes that this is one of the reasons as one can hardly find true friends in the industry.

Kangana also added that is because of her abilities that she finds work and not because of being friends of the Khan’s. Having spent quite sometime in the industry Kangana says that she is lucky to have Madhur Bhandarkar, Salman Khan, Ritesh Desmukh and Hrithik Roshan as her friends but they are not her 4 am friends as she can handle all her problems by herself without bothering her friends. Kangana feels that friends are there to lend support but she does not really like to use them for her personal gains.

Kangana added that though she is not crazy about cricket players but she is extremely fond of David Beckham although he plays football.

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