Kangana Ranaut on an intense shopping spree

Mumbai: The lovely B-town actress Kangana Ranaut had chosen at a time to style her personal attire. The actress even managed to design it for the productions ‘Rascals’ by David Dhawan and ‘Tezz’ by Priyadarshan. But from now, she has decided to put aside all of her programs to create her closes as after shooting, as all of her energy has started to get drained. Things were not that easy, as the actress had to put a lot of attention in the material, accessories and stuff like that.

As a result the time she had put in the design of her outfits had to double. Therefore her time was not enough to create the close, and that is way she had to go on an intensive shopping spree in order to get all of the things she needed. Her wish of creating closes had to be postponed.

Even though Kangana Ranaut has stated that she is a major fan of shopping sprees, we still wonder if she still likes it at the moment.

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