Kangana Ranaut – playing coy?

The beautiful Bollywood actress has just come from the release of her latest picture ‘No Problem’. It seems that the producer of the movie, none other than BK Modi has made plans for a party on Sunday in order to celebrate properly the release of this picture. Rumors all over town show that the party it is set to be quite a lavish one.

Regarding the guest list, it seems that only the high class of the Bollywood movie industry have been invited to attend. The bash is going to take place at the sea challenging Juhu residence of the producer BK Modi. It is without a doubt the most expected party in Bollywood in quite some time now.

While the large part of the cast of the movie has excepted the invitation and confirm their presence, it seems that actress Kangana Ranaut is a bit coy. She has not confirmed her presence at the party until now, even though her colleagues on the set such as Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Akshaye Khanna, have agreed to attend it.

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