Kangana rides motorcycle

Mumbai: It was a real challenge for Kangana Ranaut to complete the shootings for the film “Tanu Weds Manu”, but as the saying goes, all’s well and it ends well!

The National Award winning actress proved to be anything but shy when it came to riding a heavy Bullet motorcycle through some crowded streets. The actress did a pretty good job at it too, but we won’t get into how many practice days and shoots for the sequence were necessary to get the perfect one.

Kangana plays in the film the role of a small town girl, and the producers had her do some of the things that a small town girl usually does. The producers came up with idea that Tanu should ride the motorcycle through the city, to strengthen her character, and when Kangana heard the plan, she was thrilled to do it.

A little birdie told us that Kangana was very nervous to shoot the scene, as she had never ridden a motorcycle before. We give her credit for her effort, as the scenes came out looking well.

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