Kangana’s Fetish for Tattoos

Without a doubt, Kangana Ranaut is considered one amongst B-Town’s most known fashion icons. Always making a statement, she has often been noticed to dress up in diverse and unique styles of her own. From dressing up in sexy and elegant gowns to donning a multi-coloured maxi, this Bolly diva is capable of carrying almost everything with effortless ease. A model from inception, her biggest merits lie in her keen sense of detailing and fashion sense. Addin to that, this Fashion Diva also has two tattoos inked on her. She has fondness for tattoos from the time she was in her teens which has persuaded her to have two of them inked on her body.

The first one as everyone knows is a cross with angels, sword, crown and wings and is engraved on the nape of her neck. The other one is a more recent one which is on her ankle. This one is an angel with wings. She got the new one done recently sometime back and it is a testament to Kangana’s fetish for Angels and Wings!

“Yes, I have the second tattoo as an angel with wings. I love the concept of having wings, so i got this done and this angel is the one with Curly hair” she adds with a wink. Curly hair, bearing resemblance to our lovable Kangana, we can surely not deny that she too is an Angel. With no starry tantrums and hot air surrounding her stardom, she is one grounded lady! Meanwhile she is busy promoting her upcoming action thriller ‘Tezz’ where she plays lady love interest to Bollywood’s Singham and the biggest prankster, Ajay Devgan. Slated for a April 24 release, ‘Tezz’ is already abuzz with a lot of media hype doing the rounds regarding the ensemble cast of the film. With an array of movies lined up for Kangana, she is one happy woman now! Our naughty nakhrewaali Jugni is surely gonna topple few stars in sometime to stamp herself as the Beauty with Brains!

As of her dressing sense and style statements, Err.. Angelic is the word! Great going gal!

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