Kangna refused to kiss Mika

New Delhi: R. Madhavan and Kangna Ranaut have just finished filming together a peppy Punjabi “baraat” number. The two were not alone in this number, but with Mika Singh. When the shootings started, the director Aanand L. Raj was making plans. He then decided to give it a different, somewhat crazy touch.

In the number, following the weird and well known style of Rakhi Sawant, Aanand decided to make Kangna kiss Mika. Those who know Rakhi Sawant are well aware that the kiss would not have been quick and innocent, but a real smooch.

The song is very energetic, and the direct imagined the video to be wild and wacky. Kangna kissing Mika would have been the best way to make the vireo stand out.

Kangna, on the other hand, did not think the same. In fact, she was really disgusted with the idea of smooching with Mika, simply stating that she is not ‘Rakhi Sawant to do something like that’. Aanand did not really have a choice, and had to abandon his idea.

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