Kareena and Deepika argue over Chamak Challo

Mumbai: Bollywood sensations Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are not in the best relations at the moment. Apparently Deepika has been spreading the word that originally, she was the choice of the producers for a “Ra.One” track, “Chammak Challo”. This rumor reached the ears of Kareena, fact which made her quite angry with Deepika.

Kareena was shocked to hear this, and insists that she and she alone was in the mind of Shah Rukh Khan for the “Chammak Challo” dance number. The actress says that Deepika is only trying to gain mileage for the “Dum Maaro Dum” title track. According to a close source stated that the “Chamak Challo” is not even an item number, and since Kareena is the lead actress in the film, it was only natural that she would be the one to star in the track. There is no sense in considering Deepika for the song.

Kareena has moved past these rumors, and now she feels amused at this desperate attempt of Deepika to gain attention, hoping to have better offers in the future.

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