Kareena and Priyanka have competed once again

Mumbai: The two beautiful Bollywood celebrities are permanently trying to be the number one super star in the film industry of Bollywood. However it seems that for this time the one who got the upper hand was Kareen Kapoor. She managed the performance of getting an international endorsement.  

If rumors are to be believed, it appears that at the beginning, the worldwide company was interested in getting Priyanka Choopra on board. However after seeing the result of a market research which puts Kareena on first place in terms of popularity, they made the decision of giving the campaign to her and not to Priyanka.

So for the time being, the Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor reached the big amount of 14 endorsements with 14 international and national brands. Not so long ago the two B-town actresses decided to bury the old hatchet of war and get along at a recent event. So this endorsement could give the two celebrities, Kareena and Priyanka a reason to relight yet another animosity between them two.

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