Kareena – Dharma House’s Favorite Heroine

Kareena Kapoor is having a good time, with her personal life set to take a big leap towards matrimony in the coming year, and her professional life soaring. Kareena became an overnight star with her performance as a supporting actor in the role of Poo aka Pooja in Kabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham under the Dharma Production banner. Her fitting the role to perfection is what grabbed the attention of Director Karan Johar and ever since Kareena has been a top priority as heroine in his movies. With the recent release coming its way from the Dharma production banner, called “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu”, the Kareena fondness is at its peak.

According to sources, Karan Johar considers Kareena Kapoor as his leading lady and the association with her has been magical. Though there has been a certain glitch in the relationship, during which Pretty Zinta bagged the role of the leading lady in “Kal Ho Naa Ho”, Kareena is back with a bang. It is said that her role in the upcoming movie, “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu”, had been written keeping her free spirited and carefree attitude in mind.

Karan Johar has been impressed by Katrina Kaif’s performance in the song, “Chikni Chameli”, for the movie Agnipath and now seems eager to work with her. However he remains firm on his decision to cast Kareena in most of the movies under Dharma production. Kareena is considered an A list performer and with her power packed performance in movies like Kurban, and others that brought her to the Numer Uno position in Bollywood.

Karan says that he feels an actor really has to be her best for a performance oriented movie like Ek Main Aur Ek Tu”, and is completely satisfied with the fact that Kareena has done justice to her character in the film. Kareena according to Karan has had a rough journey with her initial movies going to the flop list and people outright rejecting her performances. She came back with an image makeover and a dedication that soared her career graph and made quite a million hearts flutter. Her portrayal of Chameli has been bold and intense and it is roles like this that reaffirmed the beliefs of critics and fans on her abilities.

She is way too happy and busy with a hectic schedule to look back and regret, especially when she is given the acknowledgement of the top heroine by Dharma Productions. No prizes for guessing that for Bebo the stones have turned and the wheels are turning for her betterment. In a competitive industry where an actor is as good as his latest box office records, surviving against all odds, Kareena Kapoor has carved a niche for herself.

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