Kareena, forced by Ekta to dance on Sridevi songs

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor could not stay away for long from the headlines. This time, she grabbed attention with her plans to dance to the songs of the veteran actress Sridevi, all to pay a tribute to the so versatile actress. This is a first for Kareena, as she used to dance only to her own songs until now, with one exception. She had danced a while back to her sister’s song, Karisma Kapoor, in her honor.

Now, the beautiful actress has put behind her this habit of hers, and will do another exception for the sake of Ekta Kapoor. She will do the dance on the hit numbers of actress Sridevi. Ekta practically forced Kareena to obey and perform the dance, and we are not sure exactly how she managed this impossible mission.

Ekta finds a resemblance between the two actresses, and believes that Kareena will look spectacular dancing to Sridevi’s songs. The performance will take place during the Global Indian Film and Television Honours (GIFTH), at an initiation of Balaji’s. Sridevi will be present.

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