Kareena Kapoor starts to write

The latest buzz in the entertainment industry of Bollywood is related to the beautiful actress Kareena Kapor. It seems that Kareena is no longer satisfied by her acting career and she is quite interested in pursuing a new talent, that of writing. After she wrote the introduction to Rujuta Diwekar’s before book. Because this was a hit, she continued to maintain contact to her writing aptitudes.

In a recent interview the actress stated that she really enjoys writing, and she is actually thrilled while Saif was going through her sketches and made some suggestions regarding her writing. That is how she can tell that she is on the right way.

Currently the Bollywood super star is on a vacation in Switzerland. However she wanted to point out that when she will be returning home, she will be releasing this book for Rujuta Diwekar. It is more than obvious that everyone in the Bollywood entertainment industry is more than curios to see the outcome of this new project by Kareena Kapoor.

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