Kareena Kapoor’s biography

Mumbai: We can honestly say that the Bollywood celebrity Kareena Kapoor has managed to make quite a name for her in the film industry of tinsel town. In fact she is so popular that the well liked author Shobhaa De intends to write a broad narrative account of this Bollywood super star. At least these are the rumors that have been going around the industry these past few days.

According to the insiders it seems that the two have had a couple of meeting and that Kareena Kapoor has granted him her approval on the story. The source told us that the main idea of the story will be centered around the journey of Kareena Kapoor and on her life, on exactly how she managed to make a name for her in tinsel town and how she managed to keep it all these years.

We have to say that the book which will apparently be written by the popular writer announces itself to by quite an interesting one, even though we are not sure if it’s authorized by her.

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