Kareena refuses to follow the Jolie path!

Mumbai: Bebo likes to be herself, be it on or off screen. She likes herself to be as natural as her on screen performances. She recently got into a messy fiasco with her director, the accomplished Madhur Bhandarkar. Madhur apparently asked Kareena to watch Gia, one of Angelina Jolie’s finest performance on screen. The tele film Gia is of a biographical nature based on the life of Gia Marie Carangie, the first American supermodel, the ups and downs of her career, her homosexuality, drug abuse and eventual death of AIDS. Madhur has conceived Kareena’s role for Heroine on similar lines and thought it would help Kareena make her character conception more concrete.

Kareena, however, has flatly refused to do so on grounds that it will steal the nascent touch from her performance. Sources have said that Bhandarkar wanted Kareena to watch the telefilm just for Angelina’s stunning and breathtakingly awesome performance. He did not intend to make it look like Kareena did not understand the character but the telefilm was an excellent research material for her role helping her to get a better idea of the several intracies and emotions of the role.

Kareena also confirmed this news when asked. She agreed to have refused to watch Gia because she wanted to get into the skin of her role in heroine as naturally as she has slipped into all her previous characters. She has asked Madhur to however guide her through the role very closely but taking tips from the work of actors who have done movies based on similar theme, according to Kareena would destroy the natural-ness of the character itself.

To any lame common gossip monger, well this lady doesn’t think herself to be any lower than Jolie. Why the heck would she want tips? Great going Kareena! Bollywood likes you this way! If you have the attitude, you better flaunt it.

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