Kareena, switching to politics

Katrina Kapoor has a great career, and is now established as an extraordinary actress, one of the best and sexiest in Bollywood. The actress gave her best in the film industry and reached the top, and now she believes that it is time to make a further step. Her next year resolution is to start a successful career in…politics! Not quite in the real life, just in her next film.

Rumor has it that Kareena has been offered by Farhan Akhtar a role in the political drama of Excel Entertainment. Sudhir Mishra, a famous filmmaker, had convinced Kareena to take part in Chameli, and is now directing this political drama.

Sudhir Mishra confirmed the rumor. The film, entitled “Bhrub” after the main character, started from the script of the film “Devdas”. Sudhir wanted to make a remake after this film, but when modifying the script, it turned into something else.

The movie is centered around Bhrub, the heir of an important political family. Kareena has a major role in the film, being the female protagonist.

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