Karnataka film producers show generosity by lifting ban on actress Nikita Thukral

Finally the second sex has got a little more reason to cheer in the Karnataka film industry. This also brings a halt to all criticism against gender biased Kannada film industry and its producers.

Kannada film producers finally relieved actress Nikita Thukral by lifting ban from her. National media as well as all regional channels and print giants covered this news exclusively showing it as an expression of good sense to undo a bizarre act. However, a blog has a different story revealed behind all this.

According to the said blog, Karnataka’s film producers association’s president Muniratna Naidu had sent a letter to Nikita, who was trapped in the mid of a fight at Darshan’s home. The mail severely criticizes the entire episode with arrogance.

Quoting some parts of the letter­– “It was our foolishness to impose a ban on such a good girl.” And “We have understood our mistake thanks to several intellectuals.”. The blog further says that the association accepts that in a democratic country nobody has a right to stop anyone from going anywhere. Therefore, Nikita’s presence at “Challenged star” Darshan’s home can not be cited as an offense. The post also says that removing the ban on Nikita’s career in the Karnataka film industry, the association as actually nullified the meaning of ‘ban’ word from the Kannada state.

The blog elaborates how the lifting of ban shows that the tinsel town has finally taken a step to show less gender biasness. Their ban on Nikita had caught outrage and severe criticism and it was taken as a sexist action.

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