Katrina and her wardrobe malfunctions

Mumbai: A small accident troubled Katrina’s life, as she got in the news for all the wrong reasons. Present at an important award event, Katrina’s outfit showed some major flaws. During the performance of her hit number, “Sheila Ki Jawani”, Katrina had to repeatedly lift a strap of her top, as it kept slipping down.

Performing in an outfit is different than simply standing while wearing the same outfit. There are several trials made before the award event, but this kind of things are hard to foresee. Clothes are made shortly before the event, in a short period of time.

Katrina’s attitude was great though, as she managed to keep the situation under control, and thus avoid a much more embarrassing moment. She does have experience in this sort of matters. Last year, during a high profile Sangeet party for Saurabh Dhoot and Radhika Singhal, hosted in Marita Shergill Marg, in a bungalow, Katrina went through a similar situation, as her lower torso was exposed by her malfunctioned choli during her performance.

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