Katrina: Bollywood`s only belly dancer

Katrina Kaif, the actress of the moment in Bollywood, is now the only belly dancer actress. The actress had gotten a tutor to prepare for a part in a film, and has learned very quickly to dance wonderfully. The film was a success, and surely all of Katrina’s fans loved her in “Sheila Ki Jawani”. After being amazed at the sight of her dancing performance, fans are wondering who taught Katrina to belly dance?

The answer is the expert in belly dancing moves Veronica D’Souza. She is the woman behind Katrina’s success in “Sheila Ki Jawani”. Veronica has trained most of the girls in Bllywood, and so Katrina went to her, because she wanted to be the only belly dancing actress in Bollywood. The one who made possible the meeting between the two was Farah Khan.

Speaking of Katrina, Veronica D’Souza could only compliment her, as the actress has proven dedication and passion in learning the moves. Veronica added that the actress also has the type of body necessary for dancing correctly.

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