Katrina dethrones Kareena

Kareena Kapoor is known as the sexiest actress in Bollywood, or at least she used to be. In time, Kareena transformed her skinny looks into curvier shapes, to say the least. After this became too noticeable, of course she had to lose the title the Bollywood size zero queen. Many voices were wondering who the new queen is, while other starting choosing the skinniest amongst actresses. Most of them got it right: Katrina Kaif.

Katrina was always proud to show her thin silhouette whenever she had the opportunity, but now she is even more so. This is definitely obvious in the promos of the film “Tees Maar Khan”, where Katrina had an important role. Bollywood’s new Barbie Doll has lost even more weight recently, and now enjoys her new title in Bollywood. Bebo herself was blown by the figure Katrina shows, and talk about it with every chance. In fact, Bebo had already said Katrina is the skinniest when she saw her at the Being Human fashion show.

Kareena is not discouraged by this turn of event, as her film “Gomaal 3” did much better at the box office than the movie Katrina starred in.

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