Katrina furious on flight attendant

Mumbai: We haven’t heard much about Katrina Kaif shortly after the release of her film “Tees Maar Khan”, so it was time now for her to come out and grab some attention. The last time we saw her was at the “Master Chef India” show, during which Katrina burst into tears when Akshay played an innocent trick on her.

Now, Katrina shows us once more the kind of spoiled brat she really is. Katrina rebuked an air hostess, and the only reason that was is that the latter was doing her job.

As the promotions for her latest film were very intense, Katrina found herself living from her suitcase. She felt exhausted and only wanted to sleep. During her first class flight, the actress fell asleep, without putting on her seatbelt.

As a source informed us, the flight attendant came to the actress, asking her politely to fasten her seatbelt. As the actress gave no response, the air hostess tapped her shoulder and asked her again. Katrina, who had just woken up, responded very brutally. Very rude, Kat!

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