Katrina greets crowds in Marathi

Everybody in the Bollywood entertainment industry already knows that actress Katrina Kaif does not like to speak in Hindi. She would much rather do her interviews or public appearances in the English language. Her main reason is that she does not like the fact that some things are lost in translation. As everyone is aware of this, one can only imagine the surprise on everybody’s faces when she spoke in Marathi at the recent Zee Rishtey Awards.

Her exact words were ‘Kasa Kai Savita Tai?’ which in translation means ‘How are you, Savita Aunty?’ The crowd was very delighted about this and responded with noisy cheering and whistles. During this the camera caught the face of the surprised Usha Nadkarni, which plays the part of Savita Tai in the well liked show called Pavitra Rishta.

Of course, this gesture of Katrina Kaif did not pass without being mocked a little. None other than Manish Paul did not let past the chance of asking her ‘Wow Katrina, you’ve learnt Marathi before learning to speak Hindi?’

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