Katrina in stunning outfit

The Umang event is a charity one, which is attended by many celebrities from Bollywood. As everyone already knows, this event is a tribute made by Bollywood super stars to the police in Mumbai. At the event there was also present Katrina Kaif alongside the cast from her latest movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’. Even the director of the picture, Farah Khan was present.

The outfit which Katrina ware managed to grab the attention of everyone present at the event. The 26 years old actress had on a long evening dress with a fitted bodice, with cascade details in the front. In addition her make was very light, simply perfect for her elegant look.

She and the director Farah Khan started addressing the audience regarding their latest film ‘Tees Maar Khan’, but they were interrupted by the appearance of Shahrukh Khan at the event. He made his entrance alongside with eight bodyguards just as Farah was talking and grab the attention of everyone. Sources say that the actor made this on purpose, as he is upset with the director Farah.

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